This is the closest thing we get to sincerity, so buckle up.
  1. Remember the muttering about how Trump was a "Trojan horse" and even a Clinton plant to upend the election?
    Those were the good old days.
  2. There's still time
    Famous last words. But we have a chance.
  3. Clinton trump polls show Clinton with a lead that peaks at 11% or plummets to a low of 2%.
    For context, Clinton trailed *every other potential Republican nominee*. She'd be vulnerable to Rubio, Kasich, and even Cruz. But not Trump.
  4. Don't forget: Bernie Sanders changed the game
    Much criticism has been directed at Clinton for being not Left enough. This political base galvanized by Sander's campaign is not going to roll over and die. In the age of the Internet, it's harder and harder to marginalize voters and voices.
  5. Republican operatives are in panic
    Trump's unpopularity might cost them the senate and the house on top of the presidency. Decades of careful talking points have been blown up. Billions of dollars of campaign funding wasted. If you hate Trump, an establishment Republican hates him more.
  6. Trump has said all the unspeakable ugliness out loud.
    Being able to refute that, clearly and forcefully will mean far more than beating a Romney or a Rubio cypher of respectability.
  7. Trump has split the Republican Party, showing it as hodgepodge of unaligned interests and underscoring the importance of campaign finance reform as a major tenant of his campaign.
    There's a chance for a reasonable party to be born from its ashes.
  8. He probably won't win
    We've said that before but there is a big difference between a general election and a primary. Fun fact: this picture came up by searching the phrase "he probably won't win" in case you have more faith in Google than us.
  9. You may as well be optimistic
    Even if doom is inevitable, preemptive misery doesn't help.