Trey Gowdy, the only person who loves Benghazi more than the creator of this infamous acrostic, is a man of many hairstyles. Some of these coifs are relatively tame, if a little out of place for a congressman. Others? Well, let’s just say I’m sorry this article includes pictures.
  1. The MMA Fighter
    Screen shot 2017 03 06 at 1.46.31 pm
    Okay, first off, nobody over the age of 30 should be legally allowed to style their hair like this. He looks like the default character in a UFC video game’s career mode. Considering what’s coming up next, though, this one’s pretty reasonable.
  2. The Obviously-Evil Grand Vizier
    Screen shot 2017 03 06 at 1.47.12 pm
    “Ah, yeah, so can you somehow do a combover on the side of my fucking head? If you could also make my forehead look insanely huge, that’d be perfect. Thanks.”
  3. The Will Ferrell In Eastbound & Down
    Screen shot 2017 03 06 at 1.47.46 pm
    Out of all the characters in Eastbound & Down to emulate, you pick Ashley Shaffer? Really?
  4. The What In Sweet Fuck Is This
    Screen shot 2017 03 06 at 1.48.09 pm
    Trey, you apparently appeared on TV with this thing on your head. You woke up that day and made the conscious decision to show up on some third-rate panel discussion looking like a mop with albinism. “No need to change this shit up! I love having people confuse me with the ass-end of an Old English Sheepdog.” Come on, man.
  5. The Famous Japanese Woodblock Print
    Screen shot 2017 03 06 at 1.48.48 pm
    Dude, what is going on here? If you leaned forward, you’d look like The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Seriously, I’m not joking, you would.
  6. The Like An Epic Sir For The Win
    Screen shot 2017 03 06 at 1.49.20 pm
    Now that’s what I’m talking about – and take a look at that suit! And those sunglasses! This is some epic bacon shit for sure! Sriracha much? The only thing he’s missing is a huge stupid beard and a vague, quasi-motivational quote superimposed beside him.