With Clinton and Trump sharing high unfavorablity rankings, some are speculating about a competitive third-party run. Who would you support and why? Add yours below!
  1. Mitt Romney
    America's well-meaning stepfather may not be anyone's favorite candidate and no, he may not be your biological nominee, but he's trying, right? Also: he really makes your Mom happy.
  2. Al Franken
    The election is a loud joke that isn't that funny; shouldn't we bring a professional at that? Franken could create a non-Trump alternative to "straight talk" that stands against politics as usual. Comparatively experienced, as weird as that sounds.
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Let's pick the television star with actual governing experience. Progressive policies mixed with a tough perception makes Schwarzenegger an ideal middle ground candidate. Ineligible for the office but hey; who isn't these days, am I right?
  4. Justin Trudeau
    If Ted Cruz' Canadian demon ass can run for president THEN SO CAN TRUDEAU. Just look at him. So progressive and liberal, that my private parts throb.
    Suggested by @ijeoma