1. Donald Trump has revoked press access to the @washingtonpost
    Because when you spend time insincerely backing the second amendment, why bother with the first?
  2. This is an unprecedented assault on the American press which @CAFE technically is, sort of.
    It's not all memes, folks. Sometimes there's sentences, too.
  3. It seems the only media Trump cares about is social.
    Ironic for a man who doesn't have unpaid friends.
  4. So, here goes our social media challenge: Donald Trump—we will let you interview yourself.
    You can talk to yourself and live stream it like a cam girl. No edits or quotes. Just a 24/7 live stream. Put it on your myspace.
  5. You can make it a safe space.
    No critiques or nasty, inconvenient polls showing you trailing the least popular Democratic candidate in history by multiple points (sad!)
  6. Just you, all you. With no critique or restraint.
  7. You can call it a preview of times to come.