Tired of a childish election? So are children. @LevNovak sat down with three and got their thoughts. Thoughts edited for clarity. B and C are first grade girls and A is a male kindergartener.
  1. Q: "Who are your parents voting for?"
    B: I'm rooting for Hillary, but my Dad voted for Bernie. A: (leans in close) if you don't vote for Bernie Sanders I'll pee on you. C: My Mommy says its nobodies business if they ask. But...(whispers) Hillary.
  2. Q: "What do you think of Donald Trump."
    C: Super mean. B: his wife is on Dancing With The Stars, and I think she's only famous because she married him. A: George Bush was a bad president.
  3. Q: "Huh?
    A: Andrew Jackson was the worst president. B: He started the civil war, and he was mean to a type of Black person. Brown person, I mean. C: I don't watch TV so I'm scared of war.
  4. I...
    C: my friends mom asked if we wanted to see Captain America: Civil War but I didn't. It's PG-13. B: If it's R, you have to be 13 too. That was for...(whispers) Deadpool. A: Abraham Lincoln was shot.
  5. Now, John Kasich—
    B: YOU CAN'T SHOOT THE PRESIDENT! A: it was war! And he lead the war on a horse! C: It was...brown skinned people. They weren't African Americans because it wasn't America yet. Andrew Jackson was really bad.
  6. Q: Do you know who Ted Cruz is?
    B: Christopher Columbus was bad too. A: I think Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are brothers. But now they don't like each other. C: can I have some raisins?
  7. Q: Thank you all very much. Is there anything else you want to say?
    A: Lev is a bad teacher and he smells bad! Will you really say that?
  8. Other data
    100% of Bernie Sanders surveyed would support Hillary Clinton. 33% of students surveyed believe that Abraham Lincoln "might" have been Black. 33% of students surveyed volunteered the fact that their best friend was "Mexican or something" while disapproving of Donald Trump. 0% of students surveyed had interest in completing worksheets.