Earlier today Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton nearly 30 days after she became the presumptive Democratic nominee. Here are some of the day's highlights from their rally in New Hampshire.
  1. Sanders broke his silence on Hillary Clinton by endorsing her as "not Donald Trump" and "technically human."
    Hillary nodded, announcing "I am human!" to tepid applause.
  2. Sanders applauded Clinton on making history for being the first woman and fifty-third financial industry favorite to become a presidential nominee
    Sanders, meanwhile set a milestone of his own, becoming the 100 Millionth person to become politically disenfranchised from politics.
  3. Killer Mike, in a gracious display of party unity, refrained from telling Hillary that he wasn't actually Bernie's security.
    Killer Mike also forgave the flubs when Clinton asked "what team he played for," and if "he knew felons could vote if they wanted."
  4. Hillary Clinton thanked Sanders supporters for their strong and sincere convictions before asking if they could just put those on hold while she handled something.
    "Just 119 days, k?"
  5. Bernie Sanders ignored 45 voicemails from Jill Stein.