Requested by @ijeoma
Great question, @ijeoma! Let's delve.
  1. Clint Eastwood is known famously as the pretend cowboy, perhaps the second best pretend cowboy of all time.
    He is also a veteran! When drafted, he was chosen as a swim instructor who never saw combat, a notoriously tough position for only the baddest pretend Cowboys.
  2. Clint Eastwood isn't a fan of our namby pamby "political correctness."
    Here he is arguing with a' empty chair, as tough people famously do.
  3. In a recent Esquire interview, the pretend cowboy decried the "pussy generation."
    It is disappointing to fail the pretend cowboy
  4. Clint Eastwood just wants us to stop being so sensitive!
    Our sensitivity upsets the pretend cowboy so much he must publicly lash out about it. That's because he's tough. Okay?
  5. Also—and I'm sure this is a coincidence—Clint Eastwood is an old white man with nothing at stake in the political climate except his previous feelings and comparative privilege.
    Again, just a coincidence.