Last night an overly tanned & dyed entertainer spouted self-serving rhetoric on stage while a crowd of white people cheered. Meanwhile in Alabama, there was a Donald Trump rally. On the whole, there was a disconcerting overlap between the Trump rally and the Oscars. But it wasn’t just the general lack of pigment -- it was also the self-love.
  1. In Trump’s case, it was the boasting.
    He’d get tough with Vladimir Putin, Enrique Peña Nieto, and that Asian guy who runs China. He’d also crack down on Carrier Air Conditioners because that is the leading crisis of our time. And he was thrilled to be endorsed by geriatric racist Senator Jeff Sessions, who sticks it to illegal immigrants by having a far thicker accent than any of them.
  2. For the Academy, it was more about self-reference.
    Sacha Baron Cohen brought back Ali G, the late ‘90s/early ‘00s character known to be every white person’s favorite commentary on black culture. The animated Minions also appeared, presumably because everyone who both a) liked them and b) is over 12, was seated in the audience. And perennial favorites R2-D2 and C-3PO also took the stage to much applause — essentially the equivalent of the “build a wall” section of Trump’s speech.
  3. Both events heard from the Black Lives Matter movement.
    Trump was clearly annoyed because they interrupted a Marco Rubio joke. Oscar-goers, by contrast, encountered black faces the way they often do — as the people working there.
  4. Lastly, both events endured a ubiquitous relic that now turns up so often it’s getting creepy.
    In Trump’s case, this was a bright red “Make America Great” cap; in the Oscars’ case, Dave Grohl.
  5. So who exhibited the most self-love, Trump or the Oscars?
    A tough call, but it was probably the one that spent the evening reveling in past glories, pimping their own media and merchandise, celebrating themselves as America’s best voice to the world… and the one who spent the run-up to the event trolling for votes. So which was it: Trump or the Oscars? The answer is yes.