Unless Trump pick Chris Christie or Newt Gingrich, it's Pence. The question is: who?
  1. Mike Pence is the Governor of Indiana and Leslie Knope's sworn enemy.
    The Tea Party politician's flag-mark issue is being afraid of gay people, leading to him promoting a "religious freedom" bill that would allow businesses not to serve gay customers.
  2. He also once claimed that "Smoking doesn't kill" in a baffling op-ed he wrote in 2000.
    He also wrote one dismissing man-made climate change, shoring up his affection for deadly fumes. The highlight? "Two out of three smokers don't die from smoking!" Uh, cool.
  3. Mike Pence is also a former conservative radio host.
    This is why it's only fitting that he is running for Vice President alongside the human embodiment of a called-in comment to a conservative radio program.
  4. He hasn't always been a Trump guy.
    He originally supported Ted Cruz and criticized Trump's proposed Muslim ban. Presumably he reversed it upon realizing that 1: some of those Muslims might be gay and 2: this is his best way to leave Indiana.
  5. He also helps balance the ticket, providing a boring and offensive persona to balance Trump's terrifying and offensive presence on the ticket.
    Now bigots, explicit or those just seething under a more respectable veneer, both have something to love on this ticket.
  6. He's also somehow the best option Trump has.
    Trump has alienated all his better options. Swing-state politicians? Out, from Kasich to Rubio. Diversity points? No dice, after attacking Susanna Martinez and offending Nikki Haley to the point of withdrawal. Nobody with a future wants to be anchored to Trump, leaving Pence somehow the best he can manage.
  7. Of course, this could all fall through.
    There's always the default, after all.