We're mad that Trump is the nominee. But not for the reason you think.
  1. Look, there's just no artistry in mocking Trump.
    It's easy and gross, like a McDonald's meal. Making fun of Jeb Bush? We get to delve. Romney? Like a complex carb, our jokes digest easier. But making fun of Trump just gets old and gross.
  2. The other candidates were funnier
    We had Ted Cruz jokes like you wouldn't believe. Complicated Kasich research that would've spun your head. A three-act musical to lampoon Marco Rubio. And instead you give us Trump?
  3. The field is crowded by rookies.
    All these fucking newbies come in with one viral hair joke and the Internet claps like seals. But it's over saturated. Now we look like hacks for doing our jobs. Deplorable.
  4. Trump makes it so much harder to make fun of Clinton.
    Look, we'd love to be a bipartisan comedy site but here's what happens: we spend two hours prepping a complicated joke about Clinton's shady involvement in Haiti and Trump kicks a baby out of his rally. Which one is going to get more clicks? Our hands are tied, folks.
  5. Trump stole our job.
    Political comedy is about cutting pompous people and institutions down to size and exposing insanity. But Trump is already making a mockery of himself, our country, and the insanity is clearly on display. There's no room for us.
  6. Being sent to a labor camp for degeneracy is a bummer.
    No wifi for our jokes if he wins.