Thank you @ijeoma for this request! Police have made some real goofy slip-ups re: extra-judiciously killing African-American citizens without repercussion. What a bunch of goofballs! NOTE: this list has been heavily abridged.
  1. Shooting a 12 Year Old child in a public park in Cleveland for holding a toy gun.
    Those wacky cops! To add insult to injury the 9-1-1 caller specifically said Tamir Rice's toy gun was "probably fake." Even with that heads up, police instantly shot the twelve year old dead and restrained his sister. Talk about an Epic Fail! No charges were filed against the police.
  2. Provoking a scuffle with a seventeen year old and killing him when you aren't even a cop.
    Oh brother! George Zimmerman, an overzealous neighborhood watch member refused to follow the official advice to stand down when he called 9-1-1 and instead stalked and killed seventeen year old Trayvon Martin after an alleged scuffle. Zimmerman never served prison time for that, nor for subsequent domestic assault charges. Face palm!
  3. Shooting a teenager in broad daylight and not moving the body for five hours.
    Those clumsy officers killed 18 year old Michael Brown as he allegedly stood with his hands up and forgot to call for medical attention or even move his murdered body from plain view! What a bunch of goobers
  4. Shooting a man in a Walmart for a—get this—bb gun.
    John Crawford, newly 22, was shot and killed in a Walmart by holding a toy gun in Ohio, an open carry state. Officers claimed Crawford didn't comply with orders, only to be contradicted by video footage showing immediate shots fired by officers. Doh! No charges were placed on the officers.
  5. Choking a man to death for selling cigarettes with an illegal hold.
    Garner told them "I can't breathe" but that didn't stop those clumsy cops from taking his life with an illegal maneuver. Whoops! No charges on the officers.
  6. Shooting a man at point blank range while selling CDs.
    Alton Sterling was shot at point blank range by officers—both of whom, in a zany coincidence, had their body cameras off, surely by accident. A cell phone recorded his execution. This was a couple of hours ago, by the way.
  7. Shooting a man in the back on camera as he fled.
    Whamp whamp! Actual charges were filled this time due to an eye witness and video evidence. What a weird hiccup!