The "CBS This Morning" social media team visited the Islamic Center of America, which introduced us to leaders of the Muslim community exemplifying not only diverse professional accomplishments, but loving family connections:
  1. Sarah Hazimi | Second-year law student at Mercy University
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    "I am not afraid for myself, and I am not afraid for my family or Muslims because my devotion and my trust is to God. What I am afraid for is this country, and this world, and I am mostly afraid for humanity. ... How am I going to bring kids into the world, how am I going to feel comfortable doing that when every time I myself don't feel comfortable living in this world as a Muslim?"
  2. Najah Bazzy | Transcultural clinical nurse specialist, humanitarian
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    "For our family, America is the only home we have ever known. ... We need to come together as citizens of our country and to be open in our hearts and in our minds, and to not desecrate the very values that this country was built upon. I also ask America to see what's in my head and not what's on my head when you see me."
  3. Zenna Faraj Elhasan | Director of Corporation Counsel of Wayne County, Michigan
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    "Both my husband and I believe very strongly that in order to raise good children in this country or otherwise, there has to be a strong religious foundation, and for us it just happens to be Islam. ... We grew up as Muslims and therefore we hope our children will grow up as Muslims. ... Each story has a meaning behind it, a moral behind it, a lesson behind it, and those are found in the Quran."
  4. Hassan Chami | Pharmacist
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    "Being Muslim in America is being American. We practice our freedom of religion. As a Muslim-American, what do I do with my life? Everything that you do. I was born in this country. I was educated in this country. I watch college football on Saturdays and the NFL on Sundays. We are good people. We love. We share. There is no hate in our hearts. We are not out to commit crimes or hurt others."
  5. Iltefat Hamzavi | Dermatologist
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    "In America, everybody has a potential to become somebody, and what you are doing is taking that away. So you ask me what my emotion is: It's anger. ... You are a dying breed. You ruled this country this way in the 19th century and in the 20th century, you are not going to rule the country this way in the 21st century. ... Even if you take my resources, my health, my life, my children, I will fight for that opportunity because America is the only place in the world that you can do it."