After a contentious primary season with huge surprises in both the Democratic and Republican races, Super Tuesday could bring some clarity to the 2016 election. Here's a look at what to watch for on Super Tuesday:
  1. How well will Hillary Clinton do?
    Clinton crushed Bernie Sanders in South Carolina on Saturday, and her strong support from African-Americans suggests she should do very well in the multiple, large Southern states that vote on Super Tuesday. Recent polls suggest the same.
  2. How well does Donald Trump do?
    Will Trump effectively sweep Super Tuesday, or will he have to share delegates with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio? It will also be worth watching the results, as well as exit polling, to find out what matters to voters: Do they care about the aggressive attacks, both personal and professional in nature, that Cruz and Rubio have thrown his way?
  3. Will Ted Cruz win in Texas?
    After two disappointing third-place finishes in South Carolina and Nevada, Cruz's campaign has lost some of its luster. Losing his home state to Donald Trump would cast serious doubt on Cruz's viability.
  4. How well does Marco Rubio do?
    Marco Rubio needs a win. The Florida senator is one of the most viable conservative alternatives to Trump still standing, but he has yet to win a primary or caucus state.
  5. Will Ben Carson drop out?
    The retired neurosurgeon had his moment in the spotlight in 2015, but since the primary race began in earnest, Ben Carson has fallen seriously behind.