In her first television interview since the Paris attacks, Hillary Clinton spoke to @CBSThisMorning co-host Charlie Rose about her plans to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and controversies over her ties with Wall Street.
  1. On America fighting ISIS
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    "We don't know yet how many Special Forces trainers and surveillance and enablers might be needed," Clinton told Rose at the Hay Adams, across the White House. "But in terms of thousands of combat troops like some on the Republican side are recommending... it should be a non-starter, both because I don't think it's the smartest way to go after ISIS - I think it gives ISIS a new recruitment tool if we get back in the fight."
  2. On Russia's fight against ISIS
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    "They've lost people to ISIS, right? I think you say, 'Look, we need if not your active help, your acquiescence in what we're going to do going after ISIS. So that means you're gonna have to pull back from this area while we go after their leadership and their economic infrastructure. But if you wanna be part of that, we would welcome you. And you have a dog in this hunt now, because you're worried about what's happening in the Caucuses. You're worried about ISIS spreading its ideology.'"
  3. On ties with Wall Street
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    "The fact is, I saw a lot of people when I was Secretary of State. And I worked really hard to increase exports from American businesses. I saw a lot of business people. I saw a lot of union leaders. I saw as many people as I could fit in the day who needed something from their government.... I worked really hard to get more jobs for Americans. And that meant representing big business and small business and everybody in between."
  4. On the kinds of problems America faces right now
    "We're either gonna figure out how to live together despite all of our differences, show respect for people, enforce human rights, civil rights, women's rights, gay rights, workers' rights, or we're going to really have the balance shift dramatically against the kind of democracy that I believe in, that I think works best for America. And we're either gonna lead around the world, or we're gonna take a back seat and pay a big price for it."
  5. On why she wants to be president
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    "For me, I really love this country. And I think this will be one of those watershed elections where we're either gonna get the economy to work for everybody, or we are going to see increasing inequality and unfairness in a way that we haven't seen since, you know, the 1920s."