Speaking to CBS This Morning co-host Norah O'Donnell Wednesday in the White House Cabinet Room, Mr. Obama discussed the military intervention in Iraq and Syria and touched upon American fears of terrorism. On Thursday morning, President Obama also spoke out again on gun control in America:
  1. On Americans living in fear of terrorism
    "Well there's no doubt that they are. And you know, what I try to do is to make sure that people understand the threat is real, we have to be vigilant, but we also can't panic and we can't respond out of fear. We have to make sure that we keep a clear-eyed view about what needs to be done."
  2. On American "boots on the ground" in Syria and Iraq
    "You know, when I said no boots on the ground, I think the American people understood generally that we're not gonna do an Iraq-style invasion of Iraq or Syria with battalions that are moving across the desert, but what I've been very clear about is that we are going to systematically squeeze and ultimately destroy ISIL and that requires us having a military component to that."
  3. On 65-country coalition to fight ISIS
    "The 65-country coalition that we have put together has been striking ISIL mercilessly. We have been able to push back ISIL from territory that they had taken, both in Iraq and in Syria and we are developing partnerships, although they are not as strong as we want yet, with local tribes and Sunnis who are willing to fight ISIL."
  4. On confidence in current mission against terrorism
    "I said this repeatedly overseas, ISIL only wins if we react out of fear and start changing how we live, violating our values. They can't win on the battlefield. They can kill some innocent people but that's not a victory for them if we respond appropriately."
  5. On stricter gun regulations
    "We're going to have to, I think, search ourselves as a society to make sure that we can take basic steps that would make it harder - not impossible, but harder for individuals to get access to weapons."