1. I have both been on food stamps and welcomed Pierre Cardin into the conference room (not at the same time)
  2. I use "the universe" to open hard-to-open jars
  3. Half n half and good cookies at breakfast will never be off limits in my yearly 'eat better' resolution.
  4. 24: number of times I've moved since graduating high school.
  5. I know a quality cookbook and a noble-material garment on the thrift store rack at a glance.
  6. I hesitate every time I write potato, tomato, smooth, and responsibility.
  7. I like men who talk about their feelings
  8. I'm a huge sucker for the well-written
  9. I would way rather cook than do the dishes.
  10. I regularly ponder giving up my car for biking (but somehow the time is never right)
  11. 2 things my kids will probably remember about my driving when I'm gone - I dance a lot with my hands, and I will use bad language on you (in my car) if you are annoying my trajectory.