1. Being a person who has to get in the pool very slowly
  2. Underwear that's lost its elasticity and the sides slide down lower than the crotch while you're wearing pants.
  3. The Chargers (just go already)
  4. Stepping in kitchen water splotches in your socks
  5. Being in the 1% of English-speakers who know how to pronounce "nuclear".
  6. Being sick, but not looking sick (due to lack of proper sympathy and favor-doing)
  7. Being pregnant, but not looking pregnant (same reason)
  8. Wanting to order dessert when no one else does
  9. When you really have to pee AND you are freezing
  10. When your dog goes 3 times but you only brought 2 bags and people are watching to see if you are a responsible dog owner...