Completed purely based on watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spoiler alert if you haven't watched Buffy. As requested many months ago by @brynelle
  1. Angel has a soul
  2. Angel hasn't tried to rape Buffy
  3. But Spike loved her without a soul...
  4. Spike is somehow nice to Dawn aka the most annoying character ever
  5. Angel without a soul is wayyy scarier than soulless Spike
  6. Soulless Spike did not ruin Giles's hope of love and happiness.
    RIP Jenny Calendar
  7. Buffy can have sex with Spike without turning him into a monster that will destroy the world.
    Because Spike is already a monster. But he liked the world. I like the world too.
  8. Spike let beetles eat him so that he could get his soul back for Buffy and be a better man
  9. Crap, am I voting Spike...?
  10. But Spike only became nice-ish because of the chip.
    Would he be the same without a chip? Does Spike love Buffy or does the chip love Buffy? Can electronics love? These are the things I ponder.
  11. (3 months later after finishing season 7)
  12. Spike.
    Petulant Angel...