A late response to @brynelle Was lucky enough to watch a pre-screening and meet the author of the book. I would say no spoilers but it's freaking HISTORY that no one paid attention to. So go learn. READ THE BOOK
  1. The Best
  2. The Women.
  3. Taraji P. Henson as...
  4. Mathematician extraordinaire Katherine Johson
    Most well known for helping calculate the launch trajectory for John Glenn so that he could become the first American to orbit the Earth. Here's a picture of her getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  5. Octavia Spencer as...
  6. Dorothy Vaughan
    First African American to be appointed a supervisor (move up to management) at Langley. She also learned how to make FORTRAN her bitch.
  7. Janelle Monáe as...
  8. Engineer Mary Jackson
    One of the first female engineers at NASA. Period.
  9. The Worst
  10. John Glenn died in the middle of us watching the movie
    We had just watched a portrayal of him launching into space and landing safely back into the sea. Then the theater lights came on and our phones revealed that he was now gone. First American to orbit the Earth. Marine pilot. Ohio Senator. Rest in Peace.
  11. That the story of these amazing black women and THEIR fight to make America great again in the midst of the Space Race and Civil Rights movement, has been untold for so long.
  12. How frustrating, discriminatory, demeaning, evil, immoral and just plain stupid segregation was
    The book in particular mentions how Virginia public got shut down for a few years because the state refused to integrate. Several years of students couldn't get a basic education.
  13. Just. No.
  14. And never again.