Spent the week in a car driving around Texas prospecting projects. These are the best podcast I listened to during my many hours in the car. Insights galore! ENJOY!
  1. The New Norm (Invisibilia)
    Know thyself and help other on their journey! http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510307/invisibilia
  2. The personality Myth (Invisibilia)
    Are our flaws or past mistakes who we really are? http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510307/invisibilia
  3. Tim Ferris and former Chess Prodigy Josh Waitzkin discuss the compound structures of learning.
  4. Comedian Marc Maron and Author Niel strauss Discuss Relationships.
    This one in Particular gave a lot of insight into different thoughts I had. https://youtu.be/vsfl3wq86k4
  5. wtF podcast Marc Maron sits down with David Spade to discuss Comedy
  6. Revisionist History "The Lady Vanishes" episode #2
    Haven't listened to the others but amazing! Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell / Panoply https://itun.es/us/qKiUcb.c