As retail earnings create an uncertain outlook for the U.S. consumer, CNBC's "Fast Money" traders are placing their bets on what will pop going into the holiday season. For more on their picks and disclosures:
  1. Home Depot (HD)
    The wealth effect means people are continuing to improve their homes and the stock popped when it beat earnings estimates. Tim Seymour likes its amazing comps this quarter.
  2. Nike (NKE)
    Despite a slightly down S&P 500 this year, Nike has over-performed soaring 27%. Steve Grasso's a fan.
  3. Under Armour (UA)
    Up 25% so far this year and on trend going into the holidays. Another Grasso pick.
  4. American Eagle (AEO)
    Get back in here on weakness, according to trader Steve Grasso. It was up 14% year to date last week and gave it all back.
  5. Foot Locker (FL)
    Had a bad month along with the rest of retail, but Karen Finerman says its pulling away from Finish Line and is very connected to Nike, which it carries in stores.