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  1. Steve Jobs
    Apple Founder. Dropped out of Reed College. (his partner Steve Wozniak also dropped out, from University of CA at Berkeley)
  2. Mark Zuckerberg
    Facebook Founder. Dropped out of Harvard.
  3. Elon Musk
    Tesla/SpaceX/SolarCity Founder. Dropped out of Stanford (although he does have 2 bachelors degrees. He dropped out of Stanford's Ph.D program)
  4. Richard Branson
    Virgin Group Founder. Didn't go (high school either).
  5. Ralph Lauren
    Polo Ralph Lauren Founder. Didn't go.
  6. Bill Gates
    Microsoft Founder. Dropped out of Harvard.
  7. Michael Dell
    Dell Founder. Didn't go.
  8. Travis Kalanick
    Uber Founder. Dropped out of UCLA.
  9. Paul Allen
    Microsoft Founder. Didn't go.
  10. Ryan Seacrest
    Host and Producer. Dropped out of University of Georgia.
  11. Daniel Ek
    Spotify Founder. Dropped out of Sweden’s Royal Institute of Tech.
  12. Sophia Amoruso
    Nasty Gal Founder. Dropped out of community college.
  13. Kat Cole
    Cinnabon COO. Dropped out of University of North Florida (although she did go back to school to get a Masters at Georgia State)
  14. James Murdoch
    20th Century Fox CEO. Dropped out of Harvard.
  15. Micky Arison
    Carnival Chairman, Miami Heat owner. Didn't go.
  16. Richard Schultz
    Best Buy Founder. Didn't go.
  17. Alfred Taubman
    Taubman Centers Founder. Dropped out of University of Michigan