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  1. Pre-order dates
    The car will be available for pre-order in Telsa stores on March 31 and online April 1, chief executive Elon Musk announced via Twitter on Thursday.
  2. Starting cost
  3. The deposit
    In a series of tweets by Musk, the Tesla boss said that consumers could begin pre-orders next month with a $1,000 deposit.
  4. When you'll actually have it
    Model 3 is on schedule for production and deliveries in late 2017, according to Musk.
  5. Why it's different
    The Model 3 is Tesla's entry-level offering, whereas the Model S and Model X SUV are both luxury vehicles with a hefty price tag.
  6. Will there be a"signature" version?
    No. Musk announced that the company would not be releasing a "signature" version of the Model 3. Signature versions of the Model S and X were put on sale and came fully loaded with the top features. A signature Model X costs around $130,000.
  7. What will demand be like?
    Analysts said that Model 3 demand will be high due to its cheaper price, but Tesla will still need to push consumers into take the leap of faith on electric cars. "We expect demand for that to also be high," ISI Group autos analyst, George Galliers, told CNBC on Thursday.