As part of's Holiday Wish List series, @benjlerer reveals his Holiday must-haves. Commentary by Ben Lerer, the CEO of @thrillist Media Group, a men's digital media company
  1. Tickets to Mets Spring Training
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    Via MLB, $16-$35. We had such an awesome run this year and I actually can't wait until next season starts. Would love to get tickets to spring training for me, my son and my dad. It'll give me something to look forward to as I suffer through what will probably be another brutal winter. (Photo: Getty)
  2. Custom-Fitted Honma Golf Clubs
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    Via TourSpecGolf, $6,000-$75,000. I played a ton of golf last summer and it's literally all I think about now. I'm getting to be a pretty good and I think all that's holding me back from going professional is a sweet new set of clubs from Honma.
  3. The Selfie Toaster
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    Via Hammacher Schlemmer, $69.96. This is something that I need so desperately I don't know if I can wait until the holidays for someone to buy it for me.
  4. JackThreads Fishtail Parka
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    Via JackThreads, $189.50. The description of this is "Designed for soldiers. Modded out for daily use." I don't think further explanation is needed.
  5. Happiness for my family and friends
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    I know it sounds cheesy and but this is all I really want.