Turns out holiday sweaters can be very revealing. We found out who was naughty and nice this year when CNBC staff arrived at HQ in full attire for the 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Contest. Digital took the prize for a second year in a row, but between carols and dance-offs it was quite the heated competition. Here are a few of our favorites!
  1. Terri, our news editor, brought in a stocking stuffer with a few goods.
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  2. We could not resist Denise’s perfectly color-coordinated sweater and Christmas tree glasses.
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  3. And a few writers on digital dressed to impress with tunic-style festive sweaters.
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  4. The assignment desk put on a creative caroling show outfitted as gifts and trees.
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  5. As a matter of fact, someone dressed head-to-toe as a gift.
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  6. A #NSFW tag should be added to the piece of work – we had a “Flashing Santa.”
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  7. Alas, the digital team took gold!
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  8. We may be first in business worldwide, but our deputy managing editor, Ben, has got it right: #UglySweaterDay at CNBC knocked our socks off.
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  9. Want to see more from inside the newsroom? Add CNBC on Snapchat and follow us on @CNBCSocial.
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