At this year's Oscars, niche marketing company Distinctive Assets is spoiling nominees. As if last year's $125K spent per basket wasn't enough, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the company is ramping up average worth per basket to $220K. Here's some of the items in "the ultimate consolation prize for non-winning nominees."
  1. A 10-day, first-class trip to Israel
    $55,000. Distinctive Assets took no shortcuts here. This is a VIP all-inclusive trip to Israel for the nominee and a guest of their choice. They also get to choose what city fly to, housing at 5-star hotels, all meals and transportation covered, complete with a private security escort.
  2. Vampire Breast Lift
    $1,900. Perhaps one of the stranger items on the list -- yes, nominees will see Hollywood's "must have" procedure for breast lift right in their bags. The difference? This cleavage enhancer uses "blood-derived growth factors" instead of implants.
  3. A year’s worth of unlimited Audi A4 car rentals from Silvercar
    $45,000. The sweet deal comes with in-dash GPS, Sirius radio, Wi-Fi and concierge service.
  4. A Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer
    Unspecified 3
    $249.99. A dual chamber vaporizer. This product is compatible with every type of material you can think of "including dry blend, e-liquid, oils and concentrates." All good news to Leonardo DiCaprio, who vaped unabashedly at this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards.
  5. Walk Japan Tour
    $54,000. This tour is available for two trips within Japan and private tours in Tokyo and Kyoto. The package is valid for two people. The nominee and his/her guest can enjoy private services for up to two weeks.
  6. A Lifetime supply of skin creams from Lizora
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    $31,200. We know what you're thinking. More than $30K in skin product? How is that plausible?Bear in mind, it's a lifetime supply. Lizora makes creams made form a traditional Chinese recipe. It describes itself as "your masterpiece of green beauty," a natural option to nourish your skin.