Sometimes simpler is better. Sometimes it's ridiculous. We love all these one-trick ponies.
  1. LookFor
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    LookFor turns your smartphone's screen into a blinking colored light that can help friends and family spot you in a crowd. App creator Logan Riley lovingly calls it the "world's dumbest app" because it's so simple.
  2. iBeer
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    iBeer puts a virtual beer on the screen that you can "drink" by tipping your phone toward your mouth. It's not as fun as real beer. But on the plus side, you can have as many as you want and still drive home.
  3. iFrenchKiss
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    Many of us have an unhealthy addiction to our phones, but this one takes it to a whole new level. iFrenchKiss lets you make out with your phone. Yes, for real. Better yet (or worse?), it will analyze how well you're doing. Just make sure you clean your screen before using this one.
  4. Taco Text
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    It's never the wrong time for taco time, and Taco Text exists solely to remind people of that fact. Use it to send one of four emoji-type taco images to your friends to express your love for the amazing invention that is the taco.
  5. iNap@Work
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    Stayed up too late and need to catch some zzzs while on the job? The iNap@Work app for iOS will mimic the sounds a busy employee makes (like mouse, keyboard and stapler clicks) so you can make your boss think you're working when you're really taking a much-needed nap.
  6. Sleep Fan
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    Whether it's to keep cool or just for the ambient noise, some people need a fan to help them sleep. The Sleep Fan app for iOS and Android mimics the noise a fan makes, with a timer set to turn off after a set period of time. It won't keep you cool, but the ambient noise should have you catching zzzs in no time.
  7. Push for Pizza
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    Of all the apps we've listed, Push for Pizza is the most delicious. Basically, it's like the easy button for pizza, letting you order a pie in as few taps as possible so that hot goodness gets to your door faster.
  8. Office Sounds
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    Do you miss the sound of your old dot matrix printer? Or maybe you work from home and can't stand the perpetual silence? The Office Sounds app fills the room with the noises of modems, phones and printers...for when you want that.
  9. The List App
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    How could we make a list of one-feature apps and not include the very app we're using to make it? This app is good for, you know, making lists.
  10. Make It Big
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    1. Communicate with your seat mate on a plane wordlessly - "Look, it's Star Jones". (Actual usage) 2. As easy to see monthly or category tabs in Photos - "November 2015", "West Marin Weekend", etc.
    Suggested by @Dusty