Already wrecked your New Year's resolutions? These free Android and iOS apps will help reboot your resolve. Check out all of the apps here:
  1. Lose It
    You can track your calories and activities to watch yourself visually approach your weigh loss goal. The included social network means you can both give and receive motivation -- bonus! Android: iOS:
  2. Sleep Time
    Having trouble getting up earlier? A different approach on the alarm clock, this app promises a smarter wakeup system that tunes into your sleeping patterns. A good night's sleep might help you knock out your other resolutions, too. Android: iOS:
  3. Smoke Free
    Quitting smoking is unbelievably hard, so this app uses visualizations to help you kick the habit. It'll track the money you save, count the cravings you've resisted and show your health improve. To keep you motivated, in-app badges reward your progress. Android: iOS:
  4. Daily Budget
    Money stuff: Pennies is so good for tracking micro spending Daily Budget for managing monthly outgoings
    Suggested by @jacarandachick