Make the most of Android's latest OS using these 5 tweaks. If you have other ways to make using Android Marshmallow easier or any other tips, go ahead and tell us in the comments! Here's a link to the video version of this story:
  1. App permissions
    Marshmallow lets you control which parts of your phone your apps have access to. Go to Settings, Apps, select an app, then take permissions to turn on or off permissions.
  2. Doze mode
    Doze mode automatically prevents apps from running in the background when your phone is not in use and stationary, like when it's sitting on a table. You can turn off Doze app by app by going to Settings, Battery, tap the three dots at the top, then select Battery optimization. Select an app to choose to keep it optimized with Doze or turn off the feature.
  3. Volume controls
    Google broke out the volume controls for the ringer, alarms and media sounds into separate sliders. Just use the volume keys and tap the down arrow to open those controls.
  4. App notifications
    Marshmallow can control which apps can trigger notifications and how important they are. Go to Settings, Sound & notification, scroll to App notifications. Select an app to block all notifications, treat notifications as a priority so they'll show even in Do Not Disturb mode and to hide sensitive content from the notification on the lock screen. You can also allow notification to pop up at the top of your screen or turn that off.
  5. System UI Tuner
    You can control which icons show up in the status bar and which options appear in Quick Settings (in the notification shade) with a hidden feature call the System UI Tuner. Slide down the notification shade and press and hold the settings icon for five seconds. Let you and you'll see a message that the System UI Tuner is available. Go to settings and scroll all the way down to System UI Tuner. There you can add, delete and rearrange the Quick Settings menu, and remove icons from the status bar.