Don't get fall for just any deal on Black Friday, use these tips to save some dough. Check out the full story here:
  1. Scope out the ads
    Do you research before you hit the stores to see what's on sale and make a list of what you'll buy. Two of our favorite apps for this are Shopular (App Store link: and Black Friday Shopping from (App Store link:
  2. Check for coupons
    With your list in hand, see if you can snag coupons for extra discounts. We like RetailMeNot for looking for coupons on our phones, you can get it here:
  3. Scan to compare
    Use a barcode scanner to check if the deal you see in the store is cheaper online. The best app for this job is Shop Savvy, which you can download here:
  4. Get rewarded for shopping
    You'll already be at the stores, fighting to get the last Xbox bundle, why not earn perks for your hard work? Use the app Shopkick to earn points that you can redeem for gift cards and other perks. The app gives you points just for walking into a store or scanning an item -- you don't actually have to buy anything. Get it here: