The weather app that comes with iOS is fine but with so many great replacements in the App Store, it's worth it to check out what else is available. We rounded up some stylish alternatives. Some are free, some aren't, but they're all cool. Have some faves? Add to our list! More here:
  1. Dark Sky
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    Dark Sky is a weather app that will make you do a double-take when you realize what it's capable of doing. Instead of just giving you the standard weather forecast (though it does that too), the developers of Dark Sky opted to go one step further and proactively alert you when nasty weather is heading your way.
  2. Haze
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    With Haze you can swipe left or right or touch buttons at the bottom to see the current temperature, sunshine hours, and chance of precipitation. When you touch the temperature in the center of the screen, five circles expand outward showing you the high and low for the day, the temperature it feels like, wind speed, and wind direction. There's even an animation on each screen that slowly moves upward if it's going to be hotter tomorrow or downward if it's going to be cooler.
  3. Perfect Weather
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    Perfect Weather is great for checking the weather in multiple cities, letting you add as many cities as you want. When you view your location, you get a overhead map with the temperature at the top, a button for playing the local radar animation, and another button for switching between rain and cloud animation layers.
  4. I like The Weather Channel's app personally. It's free, super easy to use and nice to look at. Plus, it has a pollen index which is helpful for allergy sufferers.
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    Suggested by @JenniferVazquez
  5. Yahoo Weather
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    It pulls background pictures from Flickr based on the weather conditions and your location. It's really sharp looking. And it offers a lot more forecast info than the built in app.
    Suggested by @marcintosh
  6. Partly Cloudy
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    Aesthetically pleasing and informative. Why look at an ugly weather app when beautiful ones exist?
    Suggested by @nmgroce
  7. Storm by Weather Underground
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    After being repeatedly frustrated by how poor in quality The Weather Channel app is, I searched high and low for a suitable app and this one has succeeded. The quality of alerting and accuracy is outstanding and the radars are great. There is also limited ads compared the TWC's awful increase in advertising. This app is awesome and everyone should use it!
    Suggested by @omgitsemilyward
  8. Sunshine°
    It provides the most accurate, simple and personal weather forecasts by using the latest technology of mobile devices. Up until this point most people have relied on broad, clinical weather predictions. Sunshine changes that. They use the sensors in your smartphone to create personal street-level forecast to help you plan your day. The app is basically run off of the other people with the app in the same area. Technically YOU are the weatherman.
    Suggested by @Earth
  9. + Add to home screen
    Since you have the luxury of iOS, you can add any web link as a launchable square on your home screen. Therefore, I cannot see any reason to trust anyone else other than the local NWS office forecasters for your area. Simply go to, put your location in at the top left corner, and add that page to your home screen. Very mobile friendly and a must if you are a Wx nerd who wants access to forecast discussions.
    Suggested by @getcruzed
  10. Weather Puppy
    It has pictures of puppies to go with various weather types! And it supports a variety of animal rescue centers if you want to make donations. See also Weather Kitty.
    Suggested by @maretorliss
  11. Weather Pup - Very detailed weather analysis with customizable dog backgrounds, including Boo, the World's Cutest Dog!
    Suggested by @LyndsiMetzPhoto
  12. Weather Line
    Suggested by @jbessey