For gadgets in 2015 there have been a few hits, a few misses, and more than a few "what were they thinking?" From faxes you can send on the go -- honest! -- to top-notch pizzas you can fit in a purse, there's something for everyone this year. Here are some of our favorite new products.
  1. Black & Decker Hydrator
    Black & Decker's model hydrates, heats and cooks your dehydrated food, from pizza and burgers to eggs and bacon. Voice commands let you talk to the machine to set the hydration levels, making it mostly hands-free. Through the small window on the front, you can watch your food's progress. No more lugging a big lunch to the office or school -- you can just slip a compact dehydrated sandwich or steak into your bag and hydrate them when needed.
  2. Holomax
    The jump from 3D films to immersive Holomax has left some people feeling more than a little queasy. From reports of seasickness to complaints of injuries sustained while moviegoers were trying to get away from incoming monsters, missiles and cars, people just aren't ready for this movie experience. Holomax is a great first step, but studios and directors need to pick and choose carefully which properties they continue in this format -- otherwise, there may not be a next step.
  3. Nike MAG power-lacing shoes
    Are you still lacing up your shoes by hand? How passé. Go out right now and get a pair of Nike's MAG power-lacing shoes, the future of footwear. Designed to fit perfectly, they'll conform to your feet and lace up in seconds, hands-free. Simply slip your foot in and let them do the rest -- you'll program them when you buy them so they'll fit just right.
  4. Mattel Hoverboard
    Mattel's latest entry into the crowded hoverboard space is strictly for kids. Not that there's anything wrong with that: the bright pastels are fun, and the foot strap and included handlebar will keep your little ones upright while they get used to gliding around. Experienced boarders should steer clear, though. Mattel's hoverboard isn't all that speedy, being outpaced by even the relatively low-res No Tech hoverboards.
  5. Pac Fax
    Sure, fax machines are the fastest way to send your folks a photo of your kid, or pass along that last minute "Happy Birthday" message. But when you're out and about, do you really have time to send a fax? As it turns out, you do: just pop over to a Pac Fax, punch in the number of the fax machine you're trying to reach and you're good to go. In just half a second, your message will be shooting through telephone wires and popping out of a fax machine across the world.
  6. Self-drying, auto-adjusting jacket
    I have been so excited for adjusting clothing since it was first announced. Even so, I had significant issues with the auto-adjusting randomly "adjusting" at the wrong times. Plus, what use is a self-drying jacket if it's not also waterproof and protecting my clothes underneath? I'd love to see this tech implemented in more clothing items, and until then it's really only recommendable for early adopters who don't mind a few bugs.