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  1. It's a VR world, and we're all just living in it
    Nearly half of game developers are interested in creating titles for virtual-reality headsets, according to a survey. Next week, they’ll meet up to swap tricks of the trade.
  2. Apple calls Justice Dept. filing in iPhone case a 'cheap shot'
    Bruce Sewell, Apple's general counsel, says the FBI's response is a smear campaign made out of desperation.
  3. From Ada to Brill: Why have we always dissed women in tech?
    Silicon Valley faces tough questions about how it treats women, echoing a problem that's gone on for at least 200 years.
  4. What is instant online credit? Everything you need to know
    There's a way to get easy money for Internet purchases. CNET breaks it down to help determine whether it's right for you.
  5. Pay up or else: Ransomware is the hot hacking trend of 2016
    There are steps you can take before forking over cash for vital files held hostage. Your results may vary.