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  1. Welcome to Web TV. Don't forget your credit card
    This year saw the debut of long-awaited virtual TV services that allow you to cut the cord without sacrificing live content, but the costs add up.
  2. My inner 10-year-old and I review 'Force Awakens'
    CNET's Rich Trenholm calls on his loquacious younger self to see if the new Star Wars movie lives up to the endless hype.
  3. Apple to add polish, not product lines, in 2016
    The tech giant likely will update its current gear, but don't hold your breath for a car.
  4. How Nest aims to own your smart home
    Looking to set up a smart home next year? Expect to see a lot of Nest's smart thermostats, smoke detectors and security cameras.
  5. Samsung expanding its Galaxy way beyond the phone
    The electronics giant, stung by weak smartphone sales, likely will amp up its efforts in 2016 to infiltrate and interconnect your household.