This weekly digest of CNET tech news is a hand-picked list of some of the biggest tech stories from CNET news editors.
  1. Google's CEO sums up his AI vision
    Sundar Pichai says he's on a "journey" from mobile to AI. Good thing he has an assistant.
  2. One Android to rule them all?
    Android chief Hiroshi Lockheimer shares his take on what's new -- and how Google is trying to solve an old problem he calls the "F word."
  3. Apple thinks different with new San Francisco store
    It’s the first store in the world to feature Apple's new design plans, including a "Genius Grove."
  4. Catch up on 'Crowd Control,' our crowdsourced sci-fi novel
    In 2051, immortality is within reach and some are just dying to live forever.
  5. Google Home crashes Amazon Echo's party
    Google wants to knock the Echo off its perch at the center of the smart home, and it will use a device called Home to do it.