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  1. Minecraft: The video game that builds kids' brain cells
    Microsoft's highly popular game can help children learn everything from science and math to art and history.
  2. Apple's first 40 years: An oral history from inside the loop
    Alums share memories for Apple's 40th anniversary. Spoiler: Bill Gates had a bigger role in Apple's success than even he may know.
  3. A hacker's next target is just a Web search away
    Bad guys and good guys alike can use Google to find vulnerable targets online. What matters most, then, is who's fastest.
  4. It's not just Zuck: Microsoft wants to build a real Jarvis too
    You may not own a Windows PC, tap around on a Windows Phone or even play games on an Xbox, but Microsoft thinks artificial intelligence will help make the company part of your life.
  5. The Apple iPhone SE launch was far from divine
    Apple started selling a new phone this week, but seeing no lines of faithful customers seemed surreal.