This daily digest of CNET tech news is a hand-picked list of some of the biggest tech stories of the day. Get all the latest tech news here:
  1. Our crowdsourced sci-fi novel, 'Crowd Control,' starts here
    Read the first installment of a novel written and edited by CNET readers around the globe.
  2. How rose gold became the new black (for gadgets)
    Rose gold is here for a reason. Now we know why.
  3. Hyperloop One shows us how fast we'll get from here to there
    The startup has taken hyperloop technology from futuristic idea to an open-air test in just three years.
  4. Sports tech to train your head and body for epic fitness
    Athletes are turning to tech to help them run faster, jump higher, push harder.
  5. Facebook spells out what's trending
    The company sheds more light on how it decides which topics are trending, releasing its editorial guidelines.