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  1. Ex-Mozilla CEO’s ​mystery startup aims to go where tech titans won't
    Brendan Eich, who left the Firefox maker amid a firestorm over his anti-gay-marriage views, says his new startup's software will make the Internet faster, safer and better.
  2. iPad Mini 4 outshines iPad Pro in display performance
    Screen tester DisplayMate lauds both new tablets, but it's the little one that comes out on top.
  3. Why Carrie Fisher looks so right in the 'Force Awakens' trailers
    Commentary: Leia Organa deserves a face that reflects her age and life experience, says CNET's Bonnie Burton, a lifelong Star Wars fan.
  4. Twitter could move beyond heart symbol to offer richer responses
    A feature hidden in a developer version of the app shows emojis to express more emotions. That feature would add complexity, but also nuance.
  5. Google's mobile app understands more-complex questions now
    Search giant says its app has gotten better at breaking down your questions and understanding the intent.