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  1. For Yahoo, probe into daily fantasy sports is another blow
    The search giant reportedly gets a subpoena from New York’s attorney general. It's the last thing the company needs as it tries to become relevant to users again.
  2. LG plans a mobile payment system
    The electronics giant wants to turn its smartphones into digital wallets, just like its rivals have.
  3. See Harrison Ford surprise Star Wars fans via Skype
    Han Solo video-bombs a few fans just to see them freak out...and also to announce a new charity campaign.
  4. Lasers cool liquid for the first time
    The technique could eventually be used for everyday tasks like refrigerating water.
  5. Survive any apocalypse in this $17.5M underground bunker
    This luxurious Georgia bunker can withstand a nuclear blast up to 20,000 tons, but that safety will cost you.