For all the great things tech does for us, there are some situations where it's just time to put your tech away. I'm looking at you, guy talking on his phone three seats in front of me on the train. No, really. I'm looking at you. Hang up now.
  1. Talking on phone in checkout lines, buses, trains
    Seriously, do you really have to talk in the checkout line at the grocery store? Is that conversation so important that you can't be respectful to those around you and especially the checkout person trying to get through his shift? And here's the problem with talking on public transit: those people all around you giving you the stinkeye have no way to escape. HANG IT UP.
  2. Spamming your Facebook status with quotes
    You know, we love a good quote as much as the next person, but when every single Facebook post from a friend is another quote on some floral background, it gets annoying. It makes you start to think the person has never had an original thought. There are calendars for this.
  3. Copy/paste and post to your status to cure cancer or some other cause
    While we're on Facebook, this is another big no-no. Look, we absolutely support the fight against any disease and recognize it can be quite personal because you've lost a loved one. So have we. Here's the thing: No matter how many times you copy and paste that status it's not going to cure the disease. Donate to an actual organization that works towards a cure. Seriously.
  4. Looking at smartwatch too much on a date/interview
    Looking at a regular watch while at dinner or other social gatherings was already a faux pas, but now it's worse. The problem with this one is that your smart watch physically vibrates drawing your attention to it. It's fine around the lunch table at CNET because we all have them, but anywhere else with anyone else, it's just rude. Turn off notifications when in those situations.