A Look Inside Some of the World's Most Exquisite Libraries

  1. Strahov Abbey library, Prague, Czech Republic
  2. The Peabody Library, Baltimore
  3. The Bodleian Library, Oxford
  4. Admont Abbey library, Admont, Austria
  5. Merton College Library, Oxford
  6. Mafra Palace Library, Mafra, Portugal
  7. Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra, Portugal
  8. The Escorial Library, Madrid
  9. Tianyi Chamber, Ningbo, China
    This is the oldest surviving Chinese library, dating from 1561.
  10. Tripitaka Koreana, Haeinsa Temple, South Korea
    The collection is revelatory because you realize that you are looking, not at books, but printing blocks and that they date from 1251.
  11. Biblioteca Marciana, Venice