In 1935, during the Great Depression, photographer Berenice Abbott proposed an art project to the federal government called "Changing New York." Her work was turned into a book in 1939. (Photos: Berenice Abbott/New York Public Library)
  1. The south end of Central Park -- the Squibb Building with the Sherry-Netherland hotel in the background.
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  2. The Sherry-Netherland hotel and the Savoy-Plaza Hotel
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  3. The St. Nicholas Collegiate Reformed Protestant Dutch Church on Fifth Avenue and 48th Street.
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    This church, which dated to 1628, was demolished in 1949.
  4. Fifth Avenue and 44th Street
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  5. Looking west from the Seymour Building, at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
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  6. Across Bryant Park on 40th Street
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  7. The flatiron building
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  8. Row houses on eighth street
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  9. MacDougal Alley -- between Eighth Street and Washington Square
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  10. Washington Square
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