Every Migrant's Shoe Tells a Story

Marko Risovic, a Serbian photographer, has been taking photos of the shoes that migrants at the Serbian-Croatian border wear. http://cnn.it/1PLhLO5
  1. Risovic has been at the border between Croatia and Serbia
    He is capturing a piece of the long journey that thousands of migrants from the war-torn Middle East are making. http://cnn.it/1PLhLO5
  2. There are about 10,000 refugees in Serbia
  3. Conditions are harsh
    Migrants face freezing temperatures and a shortage of aid and shelter http://cnn.it/1jE2yCu
  4. The magnitude of the story makes it difficult to capture
    "This kind of story is very hard to show. It's a very big story," said Risovic. http://cnn.it/1PLhLO5
  5. The simple details tell a story
    Details, like shoes "can tell you a lot about the condition, the emotional message," according to Risovic. http://cnn.it/1PLhLO5
  6. Every shoe tells a different story
    "Shoes were torn apart by long walking or by the circumstances or conditions at the border crossing," Risovic said. http://cnn.it/1PLhLO5
  7. The shoes migrants wore included trash bags
  8. Improvised footwear
  9. More information on how you can help in the migrant crisis
    Can be found here: http://cnn.it/1XrdL8z