It's Tuesday, and here are some things to know for your new day.
  1. Budget deal
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    Congressional leaders and the White House reached a deal yesterday on domestic and defense spending that also raises the debt ceiling.
  2. Student's violent arrest caught on video
    A school district in South Carolina is investigating the actions of a school resource officer after video circulated widely on social media Monday showing him violently removing a student from her desk.
  3. FBI chief tries to deal with the 'Ferguson effect'
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    year after unrest in Ferguson, Mo., brought increased scrutiny of police, FBI Director James Comey has thrown his weight behind the idea that restraint by cops in the wake of criticism is at least partly to blame for a surge in violent crime in some cities.
  4. Afghanistan earthquake
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    The death toll from the earthquake that shook parts of South Asia has risen above 300.
  5. WHO links processed meat to cancer
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    The World Health Organization released a report yesterday that said consumption of processed meats -- ham, bacon, sausages; otherwise known as the good stuff -- raises a person's risk of having cancer.