This spring, we spoke to a few casting directors, agents and bookers in the industry to find out how issues of diversity, technology, new guidelines and demand are affecting their business.
  1. Models with large followings on social media are sought after
    Models like Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, who are big on social, are sought after. Clients see social media as a new way to advertise, so the number of followers a model has can even be leveraged in negotiations.
  2. New apps are helping models who face financial exploitation -- seen as a serious problem in the industry
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    The app Swipecast, for example, puts models directly in touch with brands and offers sign up fees reportedly 30% lower than traditional agencies.
  3. Health guidelines are controversial, and no one in modeling agrees on the same ones
    France has passed a bill banning "excessively thin" models. But some don't believe legislation is right. The British Fashion Council and the Council of Fashion Designers of America don't restrict models' weight but instead promote self-regulation through workshops and education.
  4. 77.6% of the time, models on major runways are white
    A report compiled by The Fashion Spot dissecting runways in New York, London, Paris and Milan found that most models were white. New York was the frontrunner for diversity, followed by London, Paris and Milan.
  5. Modeling is one of the only arenas where men get paid less than women
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    But some argue the inequality is warranted: Male models are paid less in the business but are also said to have more relaxed requirements and more career longevity.