There’s nothing as freeing as cruising down the highway with the sun on your face and wind wreaking havoc on your hair. Some drives are better suited than others for dropping, top. Here's a list of the best:
  1. Pacific Coast Highway, California
    Pacific coast highway gettyimages 517627983
    This Hollywood-worthy drive stretches 147 cliff-hugging miles along the California coast, from Carmel to Morro Bay, passing Big Sur’s Bixby Bridge. Don't miss... Pfeiffer Beach, the zebras outside Hearst Castle, and whales spotted from Dana Point. Photo Courtesy: © Thomas Winz 2014
  2. Island Tour of Kauai, Hawaii
    Wailua falls gettyimages 185733770
    Cruise top-down through Hawaii’s less developed island of Kauai to see Wailua Falls and the palm tree–lined North Shore beaches. Don't miss... the sweeping views of “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific” at Waimea Canyon Overlook. Photo Courtesy: Getty
  3. Red Rock Scenic Byway, Arizona
    Cathedral rock arizona gettyimages 532066967
    While this 7.5 mile-road through Sedona’s Red Rock Country isn’t long, it begs for a leisurely drive, passing towering red-rock monoliths and green juniper forests. Don't miss... Stop at Red Rocks Crossing to snap a photo of Cathedral Rock. Photo Courtesy: © Michel Hersen /
  4. Overseas Highway, Florida Keys
    Seven mile bridge florida gettyimages 490939484 1
    If there’s ever a drive that requires a convertible, it’s this one. With 42 bridges, you’ll feel like you’re floating on water on this 113-mile stretch from mainland Florida to Key West. Don't miss... Marathon’s Seven-Mile Bridge, a bit player in numerous car commercials and, of course, True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo courtesy: Getty
  5. California Wine Country
    The perfect pairing for a drive through Napa and Sonoma? A vintage convertible—with a designated driver, of course. Classic Convertible Wine Tours offers designated drivers that double as wine guides. Don't miss... Wine and car connoisseurs should stop at racing legend Mario Andretti’s Napa winery. Photo courtesy: Getty