If you have the will (and the way), you can travel just about anywhere, but some trips beg for solo exploration. These are the best getaways that are even better when you’re alone. For the full list go here: http://cntrvlr.co/nlanJjC
  1. A European trek
    Scotland castle gettyimages 535829193 1
    In the crowded Old World, the idea of backpacking is less wild and more cultural. Trek through the country on a multi-day trip and you’ll hardly be alone; you’ll meet farmers as you cross their fields and can sleep in small-town inns every night. Photo Courtesy: Getty
  2. A remote, Jack Kerouac–approved lookout
    5 lookout alone
    Fire lookouts were built, by necessity, on remote, scenic mountain peaks, and many stand empty these days—and ready to rent. Photo Courtesy: Luke Channer/National Historic Lookout Register
  3. A silent retreat in Big Sur
    6 esalen alone
    The Buddhist practice of quietly meditating dates back millennia, but the need for silent reflection in the face of never-ending online chatter is newer. Photo Courtesy: Cameron Jordan/Esalen
  4. A yoga retreat in Hawaii
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    Like meditation, yoga is a personal endeavor that benefits from solo practice. Even better, it’s something you can do in Hawaii. Photo Courtesy: Getty
  5. A hike through the Pacific Crest Trail
    8 pct alone
    The wilderness is ideal for personal reflection; just ask Cheryl Strayed, who hiked the Pacific Crest Trailby herself, wrote a best-selling memoir, and was played by Reese Witherspoon in the film Wild. Photo Courtesy: Serena Becker/PCTA