Giving Tuesday: Travel Apps That Help You Do Good

While it's serving as the perfect copilot to your adventures, your phone can also be a powerful tool in helping others. Here are a few apps that help you do good while you're on the road.See the full list:
  1. Feedie
    An artistic photo of your dinner can mean an actual meal for someone in need. Whenever you dine at one of the participating restaurants and share a picture of your food through the Feedie app, the restaurant will make a donation to the The Lunchbox Fund to help feed a child in need in South Africa. Download: Free, iOS/ Android
  2. Charity Miles
    Put an afternoon stroll around a park to good use with Charity Miles. The app keeps track of how far you walk, run, or bike and donates cash to charity of your choice—such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation or ASPCA—based on how far you travel. Walking or running will earn $.25 per mile, and a bike tour will help you earn $.10 per mile. Download: Free, iOS / Android
  3. Social Impact
    Make better choices about where you shop while traveling with Social Impact. The app helps you find businesses nearby that employ homeless in the area, offer fair trade pricing to artisans, or adopt green practices. Businesses are organized by type and are plotted out on a map so you can find them easily. Download: Free, iOS/ Android