News flash: Robots are real, and not just in a Jetsons, Terminator, or terrorizing-your-town kind of way. They're here, and have all of the qualities you'd want in a best friend—friendly, helpful, efficient, and totally not creepy. Find out what else robots are doing here:
  1. Checking your bags
    Spencer t
    If you’re not a big fan of waiting in line to check your luggage, you may be in luck. At Geneva Airport's Terminal 1, you can drop off your luggage with Leo, a robot that will safely take your suitcases to the baggage dock all by himself, yes you read that right. Leo is fully autonomous! 😮
  2. Bringing you snacks
    Relay dash hallway t
    Bid farewell to those Do Not Disturb signs: In Silicon Valley, robots have been dispatched to hotels to deliver snacks and toiletries, which means no more knocks on the door or fears that you’ll be caught in your underwear by a butler.
  3. Retrieving your luggage
    Yotel t
    At the Yotel New York pod hotel, a robot named Yobot will do much of the leg—er, armwork—for you. As an enormous, interactive “arm,” Yobot retrieves and delivers luggage from any of the 150 bins where guests store their bags.