Instagram's 10 Most Photographed Hotels of 2015

Exclusive: Get the first look at Instagram's ultimate list of photo-ready hotels and resorts around the world, pulled together using geotags and hashtags to track what hotspots are the most 'gramable. See the full list:
  1. Titanic Deluxe Hotel Belek (Turkey)
    Closer to the island of Cyprus than Istanbul, the luxurious resort sits alongside the Beşgöz River, which leads straight to the Mediterranean. With six pools on site and a private beach just four minutes down the river by boat, this spot is a beach cabana aficionado's dream. (Photo: Titanic Deluxe Hotel Belek)
  2. Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort (Honolulu, Hawaii)
    A favorite of honeymooners and families, this hotel's beach stretches across 22 acres of beachfront sand. The resort may be best know for its psychedelic and iconic Rainbow Tower, but you'll find most 'grammers are heading straight for the water. (Photo: Christan Rosolowski)
  3. Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo, Japan)
    The 115-acre theme park, 30 minutes outside of downtown Tokyo, is an Instagram user's paradise. With beloved characters roaming the paths, extravagent light shows each night around the castle, and plenty of souvenirs (with an extra dash of Japanese kitsch), there's no shortage of spots to snap photos. (Photo: AP)
  4. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel (Ibiza, Spain)
    Nothing screams Ibiza like a hotel with suites around a concert stage. With 234 built around the party-heavy hotel's own club, which hosts resident DJs during summers, you're guaranteed not to get much sleep. But that's not why you're in Ibiza, now is it? (Photo: Philipp Schröer)